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Eagle Knight

2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #2 by wacarp71
Eagle Knight was created by wacarp71
Royal Knights of the Eagle Order

The Eagle Knight is a distinct group within the Eagle Fellowship that is dedicated to carrying out the traditions and etiquette within the Fellowship. The main purpose of the order is to promote training for furthering knowledge of the group and the order follows a set of standards to ensure proper and adequate training of Qi. The goals of the Eagle Knight are:
1. To build the knowledge and character of the individual members of the order.
2. To promote training of the belief of Qi and teachings of Taoism.
3. To promote the Eagle Federation and Eagle Fellowship and spread the knowledge of Taoism to those who are hurting.
4. Demonstrate compassion, chivalry, and honor of the old code of the Legendary Knights of the Middle Ages.

Motto: Clear your mind, Seek Knowledge, and promote Peace.

To be chosen as a Squire the person must be 15 years or older. The Squire is chosen by a Knight. The Knight takes the Squire in and directly trains them for the Trials to become an Eagle Knight.
Duties – Follows direction of Eagle Knight in study of the following:

The Squire must study under a Knight for a minimum of 6 months to be eligible for Knighthood. The squire must have a yellow – brown belt in any martial arts system.
While studying under the Knight the Squire should learn First Aid along with learning about the teachings of Taoism.
To be eligible to promotion to the level of Eagle Knight the Squire must show learning according to the Eagle Creed.

Title Abbreviation: Full Name, Sq.EW

Knight (Lieutenant)
The Knight must be 18 or older. To become a Lord (Dame) Knight of the Eagle Knights you must be recommended by your training Knight to the Eagle Knight Council. The Candidate must then pass the trials given by the Eagle Knight Council. The title is Sir Knight or Lord Knight for Males and Lady Knight or Dame Knight for Females. All Eagle Knights may wear a Black Military Beret with no Markings.

Eagle Knight
Must be 18 years and older.
Must have a Black Belt in a Martial Arts style.
The Eagle Knight is expected to take a Survival Course and a Leadership/Strategy Course during the first year of gaining the title.
Title Abbreviation: Sir Full Name, Kt.EK

Eagle Knight Master
Must be 25 years old. Only by recommendation and request of the Eagle Knight Council. All Eagle Knight Masters server as part of the Eagle Knight Council.
Suggested Requirements:
5 years as an Eagle Knight
4th Degree Black Belt

Title Abbreviation: Sir Full Name, MKt.EK

Eagle Knight Council

These are Eagle Knight Masters that are chosen to sit on the council.
This group makes the decisions that pertain to the Eagle Knight Organization such as promotion and future direction of the group.

Bo Staff
Bow and Arrow
Fighting Knife
Jo Stick or Walking Stick
Shot Gun

Allen Carpenter
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